Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lolita52 - Part G

22. How I accessorise
  • Head accessory - head bow, floral head band, various clips (I love nautical-themed ones!)
  • Necklace - usually something toned down, like a resin cabochon, or if I'm going for lavish classic Lolita, a long and intricate vintage looking piece
  • Bracelet - I usually only wear my Seiko watch, because I don't have many wrist ornaments which suit my current (classic) style. I think bracelets look super cute with sweet though!
  • Ring - rings are so cheap to buy and easy to pair, but I don't wear acrylic jewellery with classic, only sweet

23. What influences my Lolita style
  • What I saw in people's wardrobes when I first got into Lolita - most of the wardrobes I looked at when I first went on egl in January '14 were sweet, so quite obviously the prints I liked from sweet wardrobes were also biased towards sweet Lolita!
  • As I started looking through more wardrobes and older pieces, I realised that classic Lolita is a lot easier to wear on an day to day basis. Tumblr has also influenced me a lot because, to be honest, classic coord photosets are usually nicer than sweet
  • I look for pictures of people with similar body shapes and skin tones to me, and see what they look nice in! One of the negatives of wearing Lolita fashion is that you can't try before you buy, which makes purchasing a really inefficient process. I try to be influenced and follow people like that because then I have an idea of what would look good on me

24. What's in my makeup bag
Very simple things! I don't usually take much around with me during the day, but here's a run down of what I use on my face regularly for Lolita outfits
  • moisturiser (Laneige water sleeping mask) - it's water based and easy to use with my foundation / bb cream
  • bb cream (Za UV white) - light coverage, great for evening out small differences in skin tone. Good staying power once powdered
  • foundation (essence matte liquid foundation) - cheap, but very good coverage, can look cakey with powder
  • eye liner (solone gel like smoody pencils) - so cheap but great performance. They glide on smoothly, blend nicely before they're set and stay put until removed. These can also be used as eye shadow sticks
  • eye shadow (Woolworths classics palette) - a neutral palette with colours which match easily
  • blush (etude house cookie blush / cupcake all over colour) - the cookie blushes are pressed powder, can be built up and come in nice matte shades (which I love!). The cupcake all over colour tins are very nice, although don't built up very well in my opinion
  • mascara (revlon something or other) - generic mascara, not waterproof but I think I will buy the waterproof one from bourjois soon as I used to have and adore

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