Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lolita52 - Challenge, Part A

These are the original 52 topics to blog about, from F Yeah Lolita. I plan on doing a few per week, just for fun, because these questions are all very interesting!

So as a starter, I'll be answering 1 and 2 in this post :D
  1.  5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style
    - A good quality petticoat
    - Plain tights with reinforced garters and toes
    - Plain black or white blouse, they're quite versatile!
    - Pair of black mary jane shoes
    - Solid coloured KC
  2.  5 movies for Lolitas
    I'll start by saying that I don't think Lolita girls should only watch a specific genre, but I think these would be more universally accepted films to watch in groups :3
    - Finding Nemo
    - A Bug's Life
    - Beauty and the Beast
    - Any of the Harry Potter movies
    - 101 Dalmations

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