Friday, April 11, 2014

Lolita52 - Part C

6. My favourite Lolita brand
My favourite Lolita brand would have to be Innocent World. So many of the dresses I would love to own are by them, although Alice and the Pirates and Juliette et Justine are close runner-ups!

Here are a few of my favourite prints from IW:


7. Why I wear Lolita?
It makes me feel pretty, lovely, elegant, cute, lively, reserved, childish all at the same time. Depending on what style I decide to go for, I'm allowed to express myself through one more medium - clothing!
I wouldn't say it's given me more confidence, but it's definitely let me be more.. me which is why I grab every chance I can to wear Lolita fashion.

8. Why don't I wear Lolita more often?
Considering what I've just mentioned above, it's not always appropriate to wear Lolita. As an accounting major, there are often times when a professional image is needed, so I leave my frills at home. Yes, it makes me sad, but I also need to function in the "real world" even if it means wearing mainstream / boring corporate clothing

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