Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lolita52 - Part B

3.  What my own Lolita lifestyle is like 
For me, I occasionally wear my Lolita dresses to university, around 40% of the time, out of 3 days per week. The other 2 week days I usually work, so cannot wear my frills `3` I don't usually wear my dresses at home, only if I'm co-ordinating an outfit and want to see how it looks on
Other times, I just surf the internet looking through tumblr for outfit / coord ideas, lacemarket, egl comm sales and fb groups to try and get things I want. I also spend a good deal of time on taobao, since Chinese indie brands come out with some really great designs!

4. Favorite thing to put on my head
Head bands! They're so low maintenance, and look so cute! I especially like large bows or flowers on head bands. A detail I love about bows is the small charms that sometimes dangle off the sides or middle, it's just so dainty *3*
Plus, they're easily matched with dresses, and even if the prints on some bows are different to dresses, it's fun to mix things up~

5. My wardrobe turnover
Seeing as I only got into the fashion in late January, I haven't actually sold anything off yet! It's currently 0% but I'm guessing it'll be ~10% once I start getting a better idea of what I like / what looks good on me x3

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