Saturday, April 12, 2014

Buying Lolita in Pairs

I've come across the odd notion that I mostly buy my dresses in pairs. Weird, but it's true! Let me just illustrate what I mean for you:

- bought Glass Bottle of Tears and Nicolas Fruit (same week)
- Icing Cookie and Musee du Chocolate (same week)
- Emelina and Power & Thrones within the same month (slow month)
- DoL Librarian and Sleeping Beauty (same order)
- Royal Parade and Stained Glass Angel (same week)
- Dark Magic and Bodyline L314 (same month)

It's uncanny, but I think once I fancy and aesthetic, I fall in love with two pieces of it `u`

Does this happen to anyone else? How often do you buy dresses, is the purchase of one relative to another?

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