Sunday, November 9, 2014

October Purchases

Should've done this two weeks ago, but I thought my other packages would arrive earlier and I'd collate them all into one post. Mostly things from bodyline this time, since they had that huge sale - 1000yen off shoes, free shipping AND then yen trick! I still remember when I was a beginner, I didn't know about the yen trick and ended up paying about $25 more for two pairs of shoes :1

shoes168 in brown | shoes268 in enamel brown
Both are comfortable and true to size, although in all honesty, the 268 shoes are so rounded they look a little like clown shoes when I wear them xD

shoes300 in gold | shoes163 in gold
I anticipate myself wearing the 300 pair lots, since they're easy to coord with many dresses that I own.
The boots aren't strictly lolita, but I do want to pair them in casual outfits

Not the best photo, but Innocent World's Strahov Library corset JSK. The bordeaux is really pretty, and the gold details are gorgeous in person.

Assortment of socks I bought in a pack, was only really after the ETC x zipper chocolate ribbon OTKs, but the other socks are nice too! More otome, though.

acc1078 in off white and black
A bit smelly but the quality is good for the price, and elastic is very stretchy

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  1. Strahov Library!!! i love the choco socks and the BL300 gold shoes!!