Thursday, November 13, 2014

November Purchases

This is the collation of a few months' purchases, including one parcel from FJ and another from TBN. I will be using SpreeNow after this, which is TaobaoNow's newly developed website.

As always, FJ was quick and easy to use, although for some reason the sellers I bought from this time all took ages to ship the items domestically. Overly protective packaging, but I'm glad they put the layers of thick paper in, because I would've been very upset if customs slashed my pieces xD


First up is my BtssB Angel's Gentle Whisper in the Heavenly Holy Night Melody pattern Michael JSK in carol (ivory). Which is a huge mouthful, so I'll just refer to it as Angel's Whisper lol. It's super beautiful, the glitter details and colours are amazing. It's missing the pearl chain, and I've already ordered the supplies to make my own substitute. I'm unsure about the back lacing, the lace they've used as the grommets is very thin and looks like it could break easily :v

This is a terrible picture, but it's the AatP Galactic Journey to the Stars skirt, bonnet and OTKs set that I scored. I'll be doing a blog post on the specific print in a few days, with close ups and such.

Innocent World Chocolate Chess OTKs in brown
AatP head bow (or so the seller said, I have a feeling it's hand made though, because it has no tag and the quality is debatable) 

Antaina gold shoes, super sweet and a warmer tone than the BL ones

Super high quality head bows in 3 colours with adorable pearl drops, and another great floral head bow

Two Little Dipper blouses, the brown one is a really soft chiffon (with nice long sleeves!) and the white is a stiffer cotton

 Two blouses from different taobao shopfronts, but I think they're from the same factory because they came in the same printed plastic bags. Awesome quality for the prices, and both came withe a jabot / bow
Princess sleeves | Other blouse

Black hair piece | White hair piece | 4 bows | Pair of bows | Floral hair piece

MILK replica gold heart bag

 LunaRossa End of the Vanitas JSK - print is a bit fuzzy close up, but my goodness it's still gorgeous and I didn't think I'd enjoy wearing human faces all this much! I just dislike that small bow at the waist, it looks really out of place and too sweet for the piece :x

 Ecailles de Lune Forest of Pipe Organ JSK - aaaaaaaaah! I first reserved this because I couldn't find Lief's Night at Basilica for sale, but honestly, I like this more now. The print is gorgeous, ombre effect amazing and the light chiffon will be great for warmer days.

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