Friday, August 29, 2014

August Haul: Taobao + YahooJapan Auctions + chibitenshi

Finally got three of my orders today! The taobao order has been pending since the start of March, the chibitenshi one was a quick order, and the YJ parcel is from July :3

I'll be posting more detailed reviews in the coming weeks :)

Picture of the three packages

Loyal Rosette navy OTKs from chibitenshi (with free BtssB paper bag)
Very good service with prompt replies, although I wish she could've held my socks until IW released their new stained glass and book prints uvu

I was surprised at how well TaobaoNow packed my things (even though I've used them before), it was a huge order and they used the box space very efficiently ^u^

rococo-soul Age of Sail blouse

Various footwear / legwear


Chess Story cloud jewellery set (came in a really cute box)

Various accessories and cute things. Right-most 4 items were gifts

Sticker sheets and envelopes

Wax sealing supplies

Little Dipper lavender JSK

Krad Lanrete Lost in Sea Blue / Auralia JSK

Little Dipper blouse

rococo-soul United States of Chocolate JSK + head bow

CEL St Augustine black JSK (collar + waist tie included)

Three blouses + peignoir
1. | 2.
 | 3. | 4.

fromjapan YahooJapan auctions order! Could've been packed into a smaller box, but I like how they wrapped everything very carefully. Sent out pretty quickly, but I think their service fees are a bit high if you're purchasing lots of small things - it's a better deal if your purchases are more expensive.

AP Crystal Dream Carnival blue OTKs

Various accessories (Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright + Alice and the Pirates)

AP Royal Stripe ivory head bow (the wax seal is detachable!!)

AP Royal Chocolate mocha skirt

AP Royal Chocolate brown round JSK (size wasn't listed on the auction so I was super worried, but it's M and it fits perfectly :D)

BtssB brown x pink chocolate cardigan

So yeah that's my huge haul, can't wait to wear everything because it's all so SQUEEE *u*

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