Tuesday, September 2, 2014

taobao shop reviews: kingdomc + fantasycat + tb_jliu + rococo-soul

This post will review the accessories that I got from the following 4 taobao shops: kingdomc + fantasycat + tb_jliu + rococo-soul

Everything from kingdomc came wrapped, like a chip packet xD
I really like it though, feels like lots of effort went into it, and things don't get damaged as easily

Everything that I got, clock-wise from top left:
2-way rose pins - not many colours to pick from, but the ones I got are lovely with good detail
flower comb - the flowers are a bit flimsy and got a little crushed during shipping, but looks lovely and comb is robust
beret - very good value, and nice size
freebie star clips - bit of an odd colour pairing, but they're free xD
2-way flower brooch - super pretty, reasonably sturdy, pearl strand isn't detachable

 The pearl strand on the comb is detachable, and the rose pins are very sturdy

Cherry pin - a little disappointed, it's flimsy, but still good quality for the price
Candy bracelets - these are amazing and super cute, but might be a bit small for people with thicker wrists
Chocolate ring - average, but pleased with it
Bow ring - good shine, quite like it
2-way star pins - very nice and quite affordable, although I haven't got a chocomint one to compare them to
Cupcake brooch - slightly pixelated, but very cute and sturdy

kingdomc: 4.9/5 (could be a little sturdier, but awesome on the whole)
fantasycat: 4.5/5 (great value for money, just watch out for quality)
tb_jiliu: n/a (didn't get enough to really judge, but they have some cute stuff to browse!)
rococo-soul: 4.7/5 (good quality, a little pricier)

All in all though, I'd recommend purchasing from these shops or at least having a look, because most of the items are heaps cheaper and there's a much greater variety to choose from :D

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