Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 2014 Outfits

Quite a good month in terms of my wearing of Lolita, but I had my finals and it was an absolute rush xD Thank goodness I managed to finish them, but I won't know the results until the middle of July :x
June included International Lolita Day, and so many people posted wonderful outfits on tumblr, where you can also find more photos and close-ups of my outfits :3

3rd June, 2014
JSK, blouse: Innocent World - Icing Cookie high waist JSK, Ribbon Ribbon blouse (from oddment pack)
Head bow: Angelic Pretty - Chocolat du Musee
Hair tie (used as bracelet): BTSSB - Merry Sweet Cookie
Tights and bag: Taobao (tights from here, they’re very comfortable and good quality for their price, although they do fade quite a bit when stretched over the legs)

4th June, 2014
JSK: AatP - Stained Glass Angel
Tights - Taobao
Everything else - Offbrand 

6th June, 2014 (ILD)
JSK: Angelic Pretty - Glass Bottle of Tears (the crystals on the waist bow always make me smile~)
Collar clips: Peppermint Fox - Crowning Glory
Everything else: Offbrand (socks from taobao, blouse from Lemongrass, vintage cardigan, bow ring from Acrylicana)

10th June, 2014
Skirt: Bodyline (forgot the print name)
Everything else: Offbrand (star clip and cupcake pin from taobao, socks from ebay, jam drop clip handmade by me, macaron ring gift from a seller, Rimmel polish in Ethereal, Etude House cookie blush in peach parfait)

18th June, 2014
JSK: Dream of Lolita - librarian / library / book print (purchased from jill_punkxloli on eBay)
Waist bow: Angelic Pretty - Musee du Chocolat
Everything else: Offbrand (nail polish from Etude House)

23rd June, 2014
Salopette: Angelic Pretty - Royal Creamy Chocolate (got it for a very good price, the glitter print pops even more in person~)
Everything else: Offbrand (HelloKitty bag from a hangten promo in Taiwan, tights and headbow from taobao, glitter brooch and donut hairpins handmade, blouse from Lemongrass)

25th June, 2014
Salopette: Angelic Pretty - Royal Creamy Chocolate (it has pockets, yay!!)
Bracelet: BTSSB - Merry Sweet Cookie hair tie
Bag: Swimmer - Antique Watch
Everything else: Offbrand (star clips from taobao, shirt from hang ten xD)

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