Thursday, May 7, 2015

Quality of Lolita Brands

Just going to talk a little bit about the quality of the brand dresses that I personally own, and rate each out of 5 on construction, quality of materials and print (because >95% of the dresses I own are prints).

Angelic Pretty  own(ed) 8 pieces
construction: 4.8 - Usually very sturdy with straight neat lines. None of the dresses have prints aligned along the seams and buttons need to be sewn tighter
quality: 4.9 - Custom lace, thick material and sometimes inbuilt petticoats. The braiding they use could be better, it seems to fray easily
printing: 5 - Very clear and always custom printed

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright  own 2 pieces
construction: 4.9 - Good construction, everything held nicely in place. Prints do not align on seams
quality: 4.8 - Both pieces are older, but the material is very heavy and stiff, though detailing is still high quality
printing: 5 - Very clearly printed and vibrant

Alice and the Pirates  own 4 pieces
construction: 4.9 - Solid, no print matching at the seams either
quality: 4.9 - Generally good quality, but some of their older pieces are made of the same stiff fabric as Baby (above)
printing: 4.9 - A little grainy on chiffon, but still very good printing

Innocent World  own(ed) 12 pieces
construction: 4.9 - Great construction, dresses hold up very well. Just dislike the actual fit of their dresses and they also do not match the print at seams
quality: 5 - All dresses made of the same high quality soft material
printing: 5 - Clear and crisp

Krad Lanrete  owned 1 piece
construction: 4.8 - Nice neat lines, no print to match but the bodice and back shirring didn't sit properly even though my measurements were correct 
quality: 5 - Everything down to the charms used were high quality 
printing: 5 - Very crisp and gave an illusion that the print was glowing

ecailes de Lune  own 1 piece
construction: 5 - No loose threads, solid construction and fit
quality: 5 - Didn't skimp on anything
printing: 5 - Very detailed and crisp even on chiffon, gradient of the fabric is also good

Infanta  own(ed) 3 pieces
construction: 4.9 - Print aligned at the seams! Good effort from
quality: 4.6 - The trims and buttons seem to be of low quality, fabric is average
printing: 4.9 - Screen print is a bit blotchy, but their cotton prints are nice and crisp

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