Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May Haul

Got a FromJapan package today! I feel a bit bad, because most of the purchases are a result of my missing out on AatP's Sirene JSK in navy :'D

I probably wouldn't buy these from rakuten again, because with the 200yen commission and domestic + international shipping, they work out to be more expensive than the ones marked up in the shops here. Still a good nibble though 

 AatP's Tarot Card print pants! They were super cheap and in pretty good condition, I'll have lots of fun coording them. They have two tiers of belt loops, which is quite funny, I can wear two belts with them simultaneously lolol

My accidental purchase, hoping I can sell this soon. IW's Astronomical Clock belted JSK in black, the print is so pretty but I recently also got the high waist JSK in navy so this has to go.

Came across this when I was browsing Baby stuff on Y!J, it's an old Novala x BtssB cardigan. I bought it since I don't have any black lolita-suitable cardigans, and also because it's interesting xD 

 Liz Lisa top, I thought it was chiffon but it's actually wool, so I don't know how I'll make it work with my stuff v_v

 Q-pot collab hoodie, it was also cheap and I want to wear it with my AP chocolate skirts

 AatP's Last Note~Faint Spring Song JSK in ivory. I've wanted something from the series for a while now, but haven't seen JSK II up and this piece was a very reasonable price (excuse the toes)

Q-pot mook, really cute, but smaller than their previous chocolate gateau bag. I may give this to my sister 

BtssB's Alicia Strappy shoes in brown. Really good construction, and I'm ecstatic that I did put  bid on them because the Y!J seller has stopped selling burando shoes now D: 

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