Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lolita52 - Part L

38. Favourite hair style
I think short bangs (doesn't have to be straight) and cascading curls are my favourite. Updo's are also very nice, and convey an air of elegance I like with classic Lolita outfits :D

Example pictures, taken from tumblr;

39. Most versatile Lolita item I own
Probably my blouses. They suit both classic and sweet, because they're quite plain and place emphasis on the prints of dresses (almost all of my dresses have prints). 

40. 5 inspirational fictional characters
I think Matilda was quite inspirational, from the Roald Dahl novel, because she loved reading and so did I. Her adventure and subtle magic really made me think that devouring fiction was positive.
Another inspirational character is that of Artemis Fowl, heh. He's so awesomely evil it's hard to dislike him, and was the first book where I realised sometimes it's hard to dislike the 'villain' and that everyone has their own story.
Talon of the Silver Hawk from Raymond E Feist's Midkemia series is also a great inspiration, his persistence and sense of duty are beyond imaginable.
A fourth character who inspires me is from the manga Love Berrish, Yuya. Even after not being successful in her romantic attempts, she doesn't get angry/jealous at her friends or the girl who ends up with the guy she was after. She's someone whose personality I want to work towards and eventually embody c:
The last character on my list has to be Haldir from the Lord of the Rings. Simply because he's so dashing xD

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