Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lolita52 - Part K

34. Wardrobe blunders! Things I bought that I ended up regretting!
Definitely my Infanta Sleeping Beauty JSK... it looks so wonderful on the site, but it's really too OTT for me to wear every day, and I do prefer my pieces to be wearable daily. Another one I'm on the fence about is the IW Emmelina JSK, because the bust part doesn't sit well on my body, and makes it look really odd no matter what blouse I wear :/

35. What I thought when I got my first real piece of Lolita
I was super excited, although perhaps not as much as some people might be, since my very first Lolita piece was brand. It was quite an event though, because I'd managed to snag one of my dream prints as my first dress, and for a good price :)

36. Nails to match my favorite looks
I don't really match my nails with my outfits, because I don't usually paint my nails! Even if I do paint them, they're quite plain. I really admire people who do acrylics though, they can be so amazing.

Here are two pages I really like from NailUp, though:
 November 2012 edition

37. Something that's not my style, but I love anyways
Probably most Juliette et Justine's pieces. I wouldn't wear them as they're too fancy and have human faces on them, but they're super lovely to look at. My favourites at the moment are Star Money, and Le Cadre du Chat:

The other thing from JetJ that I love is La Bibliothique, and I would most definitely wear it if I was ever to get my hands on one *_*

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