Friday, May 22, 2015

LBC: Make a Coord for Under $100

little dipper OP : $46 **

Total: $84
All prices are in USD and converted from the CNY prices listed on the item pages on taobao. They do not include shipping or any other fees.

** The Little Dipper OP seems to basically be out of stock now (I wrote this blog post on Monday), so another OP which would work with the above accessories is this OP from Pumpkin Cat which costs $53 if you reserve it now, brings the total up to $91 **

It's easy to get complete outfits for well under $100 on taobao, especially if you pick an OP since you can skip out on buying a blouse. All the accessories that I've picked above are versatile and can be paired with other dresses, both sweet and classic. There are also many colour options for most of them, so depending on the OP colour you pick, you would buy the corresponding colour of bow, shoes, etc.

It's well worth your time to learn how to shop on taobao, whether you use a forwarding or shipping service! I personally use SpreeNow, because their service fees are reasonable and they always reply within 24 hours (excluding Sundays). Their cart system is also way easier to navigate than TaobaoSpree's excel sheet and email system, and it has a built in translation-service for taobao listings.

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