Thursday, May 14, 2015

LBC: Flower Themed Coord

I wasn't going to do this week's theme, but then my Last Note Faint Spring Song JSK came in and it's my first floral dress 


JSK: Alice and the Pirates - Last Note Faint Spring Song in ivory
Earrings: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright - Rose Boudoir
Everything else: Offbrand (tights - mu-fish, head bow - ciciworks)

The perfume bottles are just amazing, though they're pretty subtle until you get up close to see the print. I tried to keep it simple so the print could shine, and just incorporated the theme into the head bow and earrings, along with the bunches of flowers dotted across the print.

I'm not a big fan of florals on myself, but I think when they're scattered over a print like this, they're really lovely and less... curtain-y looking (sorry, people who like florals!)

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