Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lolita52 - Part I (i!)

27. Purses that I love
I especially love treasure chest bags, they're so darn pretty, but seem kind of impractical xD
This is one of AatP's:
Another design that I like is Innocent World's book bags, which are very versatile:

28. Bloomers or no bloomers?
I personally don't do bloomers, because I usually wear tights. 
But if I were to wear socks with a short dress and/or very puffy petticoat, I would definitely at least wear bike shorts. I think bloomers would be nice in that situation, but since that doesn't happen often for me, I just haven't bought any yet

29. Lolitafying things in my everyday life
To be honest, I don't really mix Lolita with my everyday life haha! It's just a fashion that I'm interested in, and clothes that I wear, but they haven't affected how I live my life. Sorry for such a boring answer! :1

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