Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lolita52 - Part H

17. My first meetup
My first meet up with local Lolitas from my Brisbane community was for the 2014 Easter picnic! It was super fun and everyone was so nice. I really enjoyed the day because the hostesses were very organised and secured a great secluded, shady spot. We had a chocolate egg hunt and gift swap as well as lots of food, I'm very glad I went and met all the girls *u*

Photo credit: Anastasiya Mourn Worthington

25. Best places to wear Lolita
I think any where outside of a stressful environment is a good place to wear Lolita! For example, I wouldn't suggest wearing it for rock climbing or at a music festival where you know you'll be worried about getting your dress dirty, but other than that it's all good I reckon. My favourite places though, are at restaurants / cafes, because most of the time I'll be sitting down and will be able to use napkins to prevent stains. Another nice place to wear Lolita is when going to a botanical garden or park, but it can get very hot in the dresses. University is also a good place to wear classic Lolita, I think it gives off a very elegant air heh.

26. How I get out of a wardrobe slump
There are times when I feel like I have no Lolita clothes to wear, or just nothing very interesting or that I haven't worn before. That's okay though! I usually just go back into casual, and try something different with my casual clothes. I find that getting away from Lolita for a bit really helps, and it also breaks some of the momentum I get from wearing and trying to coordinate different every day Lolita looks. It also helps if you alternate between OTT / very lavish styles to more casual and almost "ita" outfits. Sometimes I'll just pull out an accessory and try to make things match with that, which is very fun and lets me experiment more.

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