Thursday, August 31, 2017

Make A Coord for Under $100 - Round 2

First post after 2 years of inactivity!

I was going through some of my things the other day and was reminded that I did the $100 coord challenge a few years back and how fun it was, so I really wanted to do another one

There are so many interesting lolita pieces to be acquired from Taobao now, and the value for money is always great. So I've dived into that once again

At the time of writing, $100usd is equal to approximately 660cny (Chinese yuan), so that will be our budget for this coord. We are not including shipping or service fees, so please keep those in mind when you're shopping (´・o・)

Clockwise from top right
(the items are linked, and ones from the same shop are highlighted in the same colours)
Open the image in a new tab to see more details!

  • Lace short sleeve pullover - orig 155cny, discounted to 62cny
    This would be great with any JSK in summer, and I especially like wearing these tops as they're extra comfortable
  • Shoes - orig 299cny, discounted to 149cny
    I like how versatile these are, you can wear them in so many different ways
  • Printed tights - 39cny for 120 denier (costs up to 59cny if buying thicker material)
    I'd normally go with these wine ones for this coord, but you could very easily go for black x gold as well!
  • Printed JSK - 268cny
    The print looks vibrant, but also has lots of different motifs, perfect if you wear a variety of styles
  • Head bow - orig 78cny, discounted to 48cny
    Matching set with the JSK

The total of the above adds up to 596cny which is under budget, and you can add in the extra bits below if they're within your budget!

And that's it! Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful or interesting!

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