Thursday, April 9, 2015

LBC: Make One Expensive and One Inexpensive Outfit from Your Wardrobe

It's so great that it's easy to get second hand brand pieces for much less than retail if you spend enough time going through sales posts, auctions and such. Sometimes if you ask politely, sellers will even allow you to make offers or discount items for you. I really love picking up a great bargain, so I'll start with the inexpensive outfit first!

Everyone knows that the key to keeping the price of an outfit down is to go with offbrand pieces. This is actually one of my first outfits, but I love how many offbrand things I've incorporated, Granted, a few things were gifted to me so they're free, but the price is still kept low by not having everything brand 'v'

The total cost of this outfit including postage is: $153
IW Royal Parade JSK - $120
Bodyline shoes - $20
OTKs - $3
Blouse - $10
Bag and hair accessory - gifted to me

**All prices shown are just prices that I personally paid for the items, so these are just ideas you can take on when you're looking through listings and such**

I can never resist the urge to splurge when one of my dream pieces comes up, and there are some pieces that brands put out which I *need* in my wardrobe, so here's one expensive outfit that I recently made from my wardrobe.

Still quite a few offbrand items in this outfit, but the main piece and boots are a little more expensive than the usual items in my wardrobe. What's awesome about the boots though, is that they work amazingly well with heaps of pieces so you can get a lot of use out of them!

Total price of this outfit including postage: $542
BtssB Angel's Whisper JSK - $320
AatP Clara boots - $120
The Floral Notebook blouse - $65
Hair accessory - $10
Lace tights (not in picture) - $7
BtssB Rose Boudoir earrings (not in pic either) - $20

When I usually think of the prices of items individually, I don't realise how much of a difference there can be in prices of dresses. Both the above pieces are brand, but Angel's Whisper cost 2.6 times more than Royal Parade, which is a little daunting when I think about it o.o
I think I just buy with the philosophy that if I like it enough, the price is justified lol

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  1. The second coord is absolutely gorgeous! That dress is stunning :o

    1. Thank you, it's one of my favourite pieces~
      Also, your blog is super cute!