Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March Haul

My taobao order is taking ages to complete, because the one thing I need shipped hasn't arrived with the SS yet and the seller isn't responding either ugh

Just a Y!J haul this month, accumulated from Jan + Feb. A lot of ouji / boystyle pieces this time, because I think it's a gorgeous look that I want to try!

 Novle vest from Alice and the Pirates. It has pockets (!) and is made from a thick fabric

BPN jacket

 d.i.a. napoleon jacket, saw a picture of buttcape wearing it once, and needed to have one too *_*

 "Tight Stretchy Pants" from AatP which I find hilarious, because are the pants tight or stretchy?? (The answer is tight on me hahah)

 d.i.a. shirt, much tighter fit than I expected (same with the napoleon jacket) but thankfully I can still squeeze in. The collar of this shirt is a bit different because it's wired o.o
 Decorative collar pin that came with the d.i.a. shirt

 Fairy tales pouchette from AatP. I have one in ivory x gold and thought this was navy x gold, but alas it is silver D:

 Q-pot chocolate wrist band

Disney Winnie the Pooh rings. Came in seriously cute wrapping tissue, and with some sort of brochure. The rings themselves are a cheap alternative to q-pot's more expensive collab, and are quite nice

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