Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival: How I've Changed In Lolita Over The Last Year

There have been a few very noticeable changes in both the style of lolita that I wear, and how I coord pieces as well. Having only started wearing Lolita in January 2014, I had lots to improve on and also needed a little experimentation to get a feel of what I feel most comfortable in.

At first, I was woefully lacking in accessories. The first time I ever wore lolita, I slapped on a white blouse I had lying around, put my Glass Bottle of Tears JSK (freshly taken out of it's postage packaging), slipped on a pair of neon blue flats and waltzed out with my family to the mall. I've since deleted any evidence of my earliest blunders haha. I think I've gotten better at putting outfits together now, they're more balanced and the elements / themes match more or less. A lot of it has to do with getting more 'stuff' in general though, not sure if I can take credit for actually improving :1

The left picture was taken in April, and the right in November.

Another shift in how I've changed in lolita over the past year is that I used to be really into sweet prints, especially Angelic Pretty releases. I was obsessed with Milky Planet, all things chocolate (still am) and fruit. I've now transitioned into being head over heels in love with religious motifs, especially stained glass. Although I haven't sold all of my sweet pieces, I don't wear them nearly as often as my classic ones now.

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