Monday, June 1, 2015

May Haul Part 2

Posted in the order that I received the packages, most things from this post are from individual sellers :3

Moi meme Moitie Holy Stained Glass JSK in navy x silver

I'm really glad I took the plunge to try out a new brand, because I'm in love with MmM now. The fabric is gorgeously soft and silky, construction is top notch and the lame screen print is fantastically crisp. My favourite thing about the whole dress is the fit though, boned bodice galore! 

Will most definitely purchase more pieces from Moitie in the future 

Angelic Pretty Sweet Jam Yukata Set in red

Ahhhh my first yukata, and a burando one at that haha. I always thought I'd first try one on on a trip to a shinto shrine or something, but this is just as sweet. With the yukata itself, fake obi, obi bow, barette and bag, it's a perfect set.

A super bright red and busy pattern, I think this will be perfect for warmer months, I'm especially looking forward to wearing the set to Riverfire in September or New Years' fireworks. I also jokingly told my friend this would make me a lot easier to spot in the crowd

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Koitsukihime Stained Glass Angel (Seraphim)

My ultimate dream print, I'm so happy I'm able to finally get my hands on the original 2006 print. I talked about the differences between this and the AatP rerelease here
It's so beautiful, and made me fall in love with religious motifs. The black and gold of the print is matched perfectly. Ahhhhh.

Next up is my FJ order, I bought 4 listings but one of them was a huge set of jewellery from schwarz schmetteling!

 I thought the ribbon on the 'very sweet chocolate' shirt would be detachable, but it's not so I'm listing it for sale on lacemarket. Really cute chocolate themed shirts from MILK, I bought them to go with my AP chocolate skirts
 It feels like ages since I last got something from AP, but it was only in February or March that I bought my Melty Royal Chocolate skirt haha. This is Angelic Pretty's Wonder Queen Bustier JSK in black, another dress I've wanted since I got into the fashion. I'm planning on wearing it to a tea party I'm hosting in July 
 My schwarz schmetterling set! It was a listing for 10 necklaces, 10 bracelets and 16 rings!
 I didn't take all of them out of their packages to photograph, because I was already tired after taking photos of 4 necklaces, they're just so detailed ☀ I'll probably just photograph them as I use them in coords haha

Details on one of the necklaces

schwarz schmetterling pieces are all highly detailed and hand made, and they're made from high quality materials. Most of their pieces have religious motifs, but that suits me just fine :) 

 The seller of the set also included a bonus tiara, which is really nice of them 

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