Monday, February 23, 2015

January / February Hauls

I received 4 packages during January and February, which I'll share here. Am really excited for some big orders coming in soon from taobao and Y!J :3

First was this Crowning Glory II JSK in Midnight. It was a preorder available to people who had bought the first release, because honestly the quality of that first one was disappointing (slubbing on the fabric). This release however, is fantastic and I'm really glad they found a great fabric supplier. Also happy that it was a preorder, since ours were made by hand and aligned perfectly, because PepFox also tried to manufacture some with another business which turned out wonky.

They also included a King of Foxes badge because the preorders were meant to be completed by November, and were delayed until January. It's super nice of them, and they also gave out a $10 discount code *w*

Next is a blouse I commissioned from The Floral Notebook. The colour is spot on, and matches the odd peach of my Angel's Whisper JSK in ivory BUT the blouse is huge! I gave her my exact measurements, and I'm not sure what happened, but in comparison to normal clothing sizes, if I'm normally a size M, what I received was size XL :x

I ended up caving and buying a 'potato sack / paper bag' dress because well... because chocolate! It was reasonably priced, and I *thought* I had enough AP chocolate pieces in my wardrobe already to be able to match this easily. Turns out, this 'bitter' is making me bitter, because even AP chocolate themed items don't match its colour xD Another annoying thing about it is it changes between warm and cool tones in different lighting :v

What I do like is that the front is very plain, whilst the back is quite fancy. I have a few ideas for things to spice up the front, but it's a piece that looks better worn rather than laid flat.

Last but not least is the Pink Up / Long Ears & Sharp Ears lucky pack! It was very cheap and the dress possibilities were really tempting, so I tried my luck. I really like what I got, and it was indeed lucky heh

They quadruple wrapped things, with three plastic bags, stuck the items inside the Alice & Macaron bag AND the dresses were in plastic sleeves lolol

 A mini desk calendar, with art from both PinkUp and L&SEars. This was my favourite picture, but the calendar itself is not so practical, as you can see, the dates are tiny haha

I received two bow accessories, both listed at $8 each on the storenvy. Quality of the fabric is good, but construction wise the head bow was a little lacking (you can see the hot gluing has failed it)

 The Alice & Macaron bag has a cute PinkUp logo inside, and is fully lined with a sturdy polyester I think, so it's actually very good quality and roomy enough for A4 notebooks :D

One of the dresses I got is the Azure Porcelain pleated dress. The alignment of the fabric is perfect, and a little unexpected (lots of my brand pieces don't even bother aligning the prints x.x) There is a little shirring around the waist, and I think it would be great for otome outfits.


 The last item in the lucky pack is this Map to Buried Treasure JSK in grey. I actually bought the lucky pack in the hopes of getting my hands on one of these pieces, and I did so yay! The grey and ivory parts are made from a soft suede which feels velvety, and would be a great A/W dress.

Both dresses are listed at $140 each on the website, so the total of the fully priced items would be $296, and the lucky pack only cost $115, which is a great 60% discount. What I like though, is that the accessories AND dresses sent to me are all in the same colour scheme, so I can actually wear them together. How thoughtful! I definitely recommend grabbing a lucky pack from these studios in the future, they're a steal :D

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