Friday, October 10, 2014

September Hauls

I received many packages in September, lots of them food themed!

First up, my q-pot anniversary 'fukubukuro'. It contained an assortment of things: pan paka pan shirt (6,500), burger mousepad (1,800), croissant case (9,000), chocolate peanut necklace (13,000), pretzel three tone earrings (13,000), croissant ring (13,000) and cloud nail stickers (1,200)

I also got my Melty Royal Chocolate cardigan by Angelic Pretty

Another package I received was my Peppermint Fox brooches

The last parcel I got recently contained these:

Rilakkuma Chocolate & Coffee charm, AP Promenade de Paris tights, AP Melty Royal Chocolate tights, Emily Temple Cute x Zipper chocolate tights, AP Radiant Candlelight OTKs, 2 x q-pot parlour rings

I really like everything that I got, and am super happy with how well they match my wardrobe
Especially impressed with the ETC chocolate tights, they're so stretchy and worth every dollar I paid 

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  1. i love the q-pot assortment esp. the pretzel earrings! way cute! :D