Friday, September 15, 2017

LBC: Create a Coord Based Around a Tea Cup

I love this week's theme!

I own this cherry tea set from Angelic Pretty's 2016 Brilliant Night Party, and it's the most adorable tea set that I've seen a brand come out with so far (I may be biased). I'm not sure that the print on the set is based off any one of AP's prints, they're just generic AP cherries haha!

Here is a picture of my tea set:

I don't own any of AP's cherry prints, though I've wanted Drained Cherry for quite a long time! I can't quite decide which colourway or cut I want, and have an internal battle with myself every time I see it come up for cheap xD

Today's coord is based around AP's Cherry Marguerite JSK in red, however all the accessories are from taobao!

Links for everything are provided if you click the first word!
JSK: Angelic Pretty Cherry Marguerite JSK in red
Blouse - I really like the lace on the sleeves and collar, which would suit most sweet JSKs
Tights - it's quite hard to find cherry tights on taobao, but you could go for plain ones too!
Bag - this is almost a replica of BtssB's Cherry Bag, but there are a few differences in the fixings and shape
Hat - I like how it has both strawberries and cherries on, so it matches with most summery prints (it also has daisies, added bonus for Cherry Marguerite)
Wrist cuffs - the gingham reminds me of picnics
Clip - you could clip these on the collar of your blouse, or in your hair if you do pigtails / braids!

A lot of the items are very versatile, and would go with many cherry or strawberry prints!

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